10. Assessment of the possibility of using biochar from tomato green parts for energy purposes

Ocena możliwości wykorzystania biowęgla z części zielonych pomidorów do celów energetycznych
 Bryan Romankiewicz, Michał Reguła, Rafał Różański, Aleksander Rodak , Mateusz Jajczyk , Magdalena Szarek, Błażej Gaze, Bernard Knutel, Paulina Wojtko, Krzysztof Kawa
biochar, tomato, green parts, energy
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This paper presents the results of the analysis of the possibility of using the biochar from tomato haulm produced in the process of high-pressure pyrolysis for energy purposes. The research was carried out in laboratory conditions. For research purposes, four pressure and three temperature ranges have been adopted for research purposes. The experiments were carried out in 3 replications. In order to analyze the changes occurring in the material during the pyrolysis process, a physicochemical analysis was carried out consisting of technical analysis (moisture, ash, volatile matter content, calorific value) and elemental composition analysis (C, H, N, S content). The low-temperature pyrolysis process caused an increase in the carbon content in the tested material from 39% to a maximum of 50%, which also translated into an increase in lower calorific value from 14.52 to 23.31 MJ‧kg-1. Furthermore, the increase of this parameter was also correlated with the decrease in the moisture content of the material. Due to the constantly growing prices of fuels and waste management, this analysis may be helpful for agri-food producers looking for savings and using residual matter in an alternative way.