12. Dry ice blasting as an effective way of industrial pollutants removal

Dry ice blasting jako metoda efektywnego usuwania zabrudzeń przemysłowych
 Aleksandra Dzido, Piotr Krawczyk, Piotr Chondrokostas
dry ice blasting, industrial pollution, surface cleaning methods
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Presence of the pollutants in various industrial sectors is undesired. Residual dirt may lead to serious consequences like devices overheating, damage, increased risk of fire or efficiency drop. That is why wide range of industrial pollutants cleaning methods were developed and used. Among the physical blasting methods the dry ice blasting can be enumerated. This method consists of polluted surface cleaning with the high-speed air-dry ice mixture. Blasting process is supported by heat transfer related phenomena and carbon dioxide sublimation which correspond to easier dirt removal. Described method is dedicated for various pollutants types removal form inorganic dust up to oily organic, which was confirmed in the experiments described in the paper.