13. Operational parameters influence on the dry-ice blasting cleaning efficiency

Wpływ parametrów operacyjnych na efektywność czyszczenia mieszaniną suchego lodu i powietrza
 Aleksandra Dzido, Piotr Krawczyk, Krzysztof Badyda
dry ice blasting, industrial pollution, two phase flow, cleaning efficiency
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Even during normal operation but also due to unsuspected events like fires industrial devices get dirty. These pollutions may cause efficiency decrease, operational problems and unsightly appearance. To prevent these undesired phenomenon, various cleaning methods were developed. Dry ice blasting is one of them, which can be easily applied in wide range of purposes. The method is similar to the sanding, but the dry-ice particles are used as the abrasive. Dry-ice blasting process depends on many operational parameters like air pressure, dry-ice mass flow rate, nozzle-surface distance, cleaning angle or dry ice granulation. Impact of these parameters on the cleaning velocity were determined.