9. Determining the thermal diffusivity of the material based on the measurement of the temperature profile in the wall

Określenie dyfuzyjności cieplnej materiału na podstawie pomiaru profilu temperatury w przegrodzie
 Mariusz Owczarek, Adam Baryłka
measurements of thermal diffusivity, temperature distribution in a building element, approximation, heat transfer
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To obtain temperature distribution in solid using the Fourier equation a thermal diffusivity is needed. This paper outlines a method for determining diffusivity for real objects. Methods of measurement described in the literature take into account the layers of material close to the surface. A diffusion measurement method dedicated to large elements, for example walls, is needed in assessment of buildings thermal properties. This method works by measuring the temperature in the element's volume and assuming that the obtained results meet the Fourier equation. Temperature measurements for the actual wall were made, discrete values were approximated by a square polynomial developed in relation to two parameters, spatial and time. The obtained polynomial was substituted for the Fourier equation and thermal diffusivity was determined. Temperature calculations were performed for a material of known thermal diffusivity, and its value was determined using the developed method. A preliminary analysis of errors of received values was made.