14. Thermographic analysis of losses to the surroundings from the WR-25 stoker boiler

Analiza termograficzna strat do otoczenia z kotła rusztowego typu WR 25
 Piotr Krawczyk, Jakub Kapuściński
radiation loss, stoker boiler, WR-25, thermography, non-invasive diagnostics
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In this article, the method for calculating the heat loss from the surface of the walls of the power boiler by measuring the temperature distribution on the walls of the boiler with a thermal imaging camera is presented. Measurements were done on two WR25 stoker boilers, with a capacity of 29,1 MW each, working in a heating plant supplying district heating for a town with more than 150 thousand inhabitants. Heat loss from the surface of the boiler walls was calculated, the comparison of heat loss from classic WR25 boiler with loss from water walls-based WR25 boiler was done, a graph of temperature increase along the height of the wall of water walls-based WR25 boiler was made. The analysis and presentation of areas of the highest heat loss (gaps in insulation, uninsulated components on boiler wall) was done.