Recent advances in hydrogen dual-fuel conversion of diesel engines: a literature review

Konwersja silników wysokoprężnych na współzasilanie wodorem: przegląd literatury
Michał Grzebyk, Tomasz Hardy, Jędrzej Matla, Andrzej Kaźmierczak

    This paper presents a comprehensive review of hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2ICEs) in the context of
    heavy transport vehicles, highlighting their potential as a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel engines. The study
    synthesizes current research, evaluating the environmental impact, technological developments, challenges, and economic
    viability of H2ICEs. Key findings demonstrate that hydrogen, as a clean energy carrier, significantly reduces greenhouse gas
    emissions and air pollutants. The adaptability of H2ICEs to existing diesel engine infrastructure offers a practical pathway
    for rapid implementation. However, challenges such as efficient hydrogen storage, distribution logistics, and infrastructure
    development remain substantial barriers. The paper also discusses the compliance of H2ICEs with emission regulations,
    emphasizing the reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. The economic assessment underscores the need for cost-effective
    hydrogen production methods, particularly focusing on steam reforming for large-scale applications. The study concludes
    with recommendations for future research directions and policy implications, advocating for a balanced approach that
    combines technological innovation with environmental and economic considerations to facilitate the transition to a more
    sustainable heavy transport sector.