Efficiency of solar vacuum collector used in household

Efektywności solarnego kolektora próżniowego zastosowanego w gospodarstwie domowym
Zbigniew Matuszak, Marcin Matuszak, Piotr Pilawski, Dariusz Tarnapowicz, Iwona Żabińska

    Presentation of the possibilities of reducing CO2 emissions and the costs of heat generation as a result of the use of solar vacuum collectors. The solar vacuum collector used in the household has been characterized, the efficiency of which has been the subject of the analysis. The control system of the vacuum collector has been described. The graphs showing energy production in different months – seasons have been enclosed. Finally, a comparison of gas consumption in a household before and after installation of the solar vacuum collector has been presented. The comparisons have been made in a meaningful time period. The research results have shown months and seasons when it is profitable to use solar vacuum collectors to generate heat in the household. It has also been indicated what economic effects are obtained as a result of using solar vacuum collectors. The work shows the possibility of reducing the costs of heat energy production in a household as a result of the use of solar collectors for heating water.