Innovative method of power supply of railway signalling systems

Innowacyjny sposób zasilania systemów sygnalizacji kolejowej
Boris S. Sergeev, Dariusz Tarnapowicz, Lech Dorobczynski, Marcin Matuszak

    The paper deals with the issues of power supply to signal points of railroad traffic control system. It has been shown that existing power supply systems are sometimes difficult to implement when power infrastructure is scarce. To the highest degree, these deficiencies are manifested in systems of railway transport automation and telemechanic, which contain a significant number of remote signal points located over several tens or several hundred kilometers. A new original way of powering signalling points of railroad traffic control without the use of high voltage lines, where the power source is the energy of rail vehicle movement can be an alternative to currently used power supply systems. It is concluded that the considered method can be used not only for the power supply of stationary signal points, but also in other, for example, mobile, railway transport devices.