12. Biomass fly ash potential in Poland

Potencjał popiołów ze spalania biomasy w Polsce
 Maja Kępniak, Kamil Zalegowski, Luc Courard, Andrzej Garbacz
biomass fly ash, energy in Poland, renewable sources in energy production
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Promising electricity and energy source is a biomass, that is a renewable energy source derived from living/recently living organisms - dedicated energy crops and trees, agricultural food and feed crops, agricultural crop waste and residue, wood waste and residue, aquatic plants, animal waste, municipal waste, and other waste materials. Biomass provides an opportunity to decrease environmental problems such as pollution and depletion of natural resources. It is widely available and regenerates in a relatively short time. The increase in the share of biomass in energy production in Poland is forecast. In addition, numerous, evenly distributed in Poland power plants and central heat plants, which can be converted from burning coal to burning biomass, constitute a local potential for the use of this renewable energy source. As a result of energy production from biomass, large amounts of ashes will be created, which will begin to displace the coal fly ash used in the production of concrete. The forecasted production of concrete for the coming years has a forecast growth exceeding the average forecast growth for the European Union countries. Taking into account the above, it seems reasonable to try to design and use concrete mixtures with the participation of biomass fly ash.