9. Potential to transform decommissioned mines into pumped-storage power plants

Potencjał przekształcenia zlikwidowanych kopalń w elektrownie szczytowo-pompowe
 Maria Bałazińska
environmental planning, pumped-storage power plant, mine, energy storage
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Progressing climate change is prompting next countries to direct their energy policy towards the renewable sources of energy. The renewable sources are characterized by instability, manifested by fluctuations of energy in the system. This situation may cause blackouts, which can be costly for the economy. To stabilize the power system, it is necessary to invest in high-quality energy storage, as exemplified by the pumped-storage power plants. At the same time in most regions of the world are located mines, among which a significant part make the plants already after a period of operation. For these plants are sought useful forms of activity, allowing to use their remaining potential. In the paper it is proposed the use the post-mining excavations as water reservoirs for the pumped-storage power plants. Literature studies were carried out in the scope of work in the said area. Then, it was estimated the energy potential of the pumped-storage power plants, located at the selected mines. The results obtained were discussed and related to the energy situation in the regions.