11. Modelling of drying agent flow in cross-flow heat exchanger in industrial grain dryer

Modelowanie przepływu czynnika suszącego w krzyżowym wymienniku ciepła w przemysłowej suszarni ziarna zbóż
 Bernard Knutel, Błażej Gaze, Mateusz Jajczyk, Przemysław Bukowski, Marta Potempska, Katarzyna Sielawska
grain drying, drying agent, mathematical modelling
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This article presents a mathematical model of the drying agent flow in a crossflow heat exchanger in a 1.2MW continuous cereal grain dryer model DT1512SPEC manufactured by ARAJ. In order to create the model, the Surfer 23® software and own data from temperature and humidity measurements made in a given facility based on the use of a Sonel DIT- 500 pyrometer combined with a PT100 thermocouple and an Assmann psychrometer. Subsequently, the heat exchanger theoretical and real power and its efficiency during measurements were determined. Then, the work performed was summarized, and recommendations that could improve the drying unit operation were presented.