12. Factors shaping implementation of solutions aimed at using photovoltaic cells in large areas in light of Polish conditions

Czynniki kształtujące wdrażanie rozwiązań mających na celu wykorzystanie ogniw fotowoltaicznych na te-renach wielkopowierzchniowych w świetle polskich uwarunkowań
 Lucyna Cichy, Maria Bałazińska
renewable energy sources, photovoltaic, large surface area, mine
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Hard coal or lignite mines have large surface areas, which as a result of the current energy transformation may become useless and even sometimes troublesome for economic reasons (e.g. land taxes, costs related to land maintenance etc.). At the same time, due to the specific nature of their activity, these entities show demand for electricity, and the rising costs of its acquisition and building a pro-environmental image of the company, encourage them to use available renewable energy sources. It was therefore considered appropriate to analyse what type of factors should be taken into account when planning to build a photovoltaic farm on a large area managed by the mine. Awareness of the multitude of different aspects that are important for this type of investment will make it possible to obtain an overview of the workload, time and costs involved in setting up a potential PV plant on such an area.