11. Thermal studies of polymer waste and coal sludge

Badania termiczne odpadów polimerowych i osadów węglowych
 Kijo-Kleczkowska Agnieszka, Gnatowski Adam, Kwiatkowski Dariusz, Szumera Magdalena, Madej Dominika, Leśniak Magdalena, Otwinowski Henryk
thermal analysis DSC/QMS, coal, coal sludge
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Plastics are widely used in various industries and households, which has an impact on the condition of the natural environment in terms of waste. Today, the leading plastics’ disposal method is landfilling. It should be emphasized that the production of electricity in Poland is based mainly on hard coal and lignite, which is associated with the continuous production of various types of waste, including post-flotation coal waste (coal sludge). That is why rational waste management, recycling, proper disposal, use, and improvement of the existing and implementation of new technological solutions are crucial for environmental protection. This study undertakes cognitive research on the possibility of using PA6 polyamide waste, marked by high calorific value. Thermal analysis techniques (DSC-TG-QMS) were applied for this purpose. The study includes a comparison of the results of tests conducted for polyamide recyclate, coal sludge, and PA6 recyclate composite with a filler constituting 5% of coal sludge.