12. Ensuring the continuity of operation of critical energy infrastructure

Zapewnienie ciągłości działania krytycznej infrastruktury energetycznej
 Paweł Szczeszek
safety of processes, continuity of operation, critical infrastructure, legal security
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The priority of an entity managing continuity of infrastructure operation is to ensure that in the event of any disruptions, the implemented processes will not be interrupted, resulting in a failure to meet the clients' requirements. The continuity of operation is of key importance for critical infrastructure, including energy and fuel supply, water and food supply, health care, rescue services, communications, transport, operation of public administration units, production and use of chemical substances. In order to ensure energy security, which assumes the availability of energy at all times, in various forms, in sufficient quantities and at reasonable prices, it is important to guarantee the generation and transmission of electric power. What is crucial in this respect is the maintenance of critical energy infrastructure, taking into account both its technical condition and legal circumstances. The aim of this paper is to identify and analyse threats to the safe operation of energy infrastructure in the context of legal conditions and ensuring the continuity of operation of this infrastructure.