11. Artificial intelligence in energy industry – latest trends, technological innovations and scientific discoveries

Sztuczna inteligencja w energetyce – najnowsze trendy, innowacje technologiczne i odkrycia naukowe
 Artur Tokarczyk, Krzysztof Badyda, Krzysztof Woszczak
artificial intelligence, machine learning, energy sector, emerging technology, Industry 4.0
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The aim of this paper was to perform a review of the recent research papers in the field of applications of artificial intelligence in energy sector. First, some short background on the concept of the fourth industrial revolution was given. Then, the latest innovations and trends in the field have been presented. The analysed research papers have been grouped into the following areas: general industry and power generation, anomaly detection, residential buildings and smart cities, energy market and power system. Each research paper has been discussed and its results described. Finally, a short summary of the current state of technology has been given. It should be point out that currently artificial neural networks and especially Deep Learning algorithms are the focus of most research and provide the most promising results in the area of predictive modelling and patter recognition.