7. Review of heat management systems for high voltage accumulator in electric vehicles and its perspectives

Przegląd systemów zarządzania ciepłem akumulatorów wysokiego napięcia w pojazdach elektrycznych i ich perspektywy
 Krzysztof Dolecki, Jakub Kapuściński, Roman Domański
electric vehicles, battery thermal management system, battery cooling
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Thermal management of high voltage accumulators used for electric mobility is a complex topic, due to many limiting factors like size, weight, cost of development and implementation, and safety. Advancements in technology created cheaper cells, that can store more energy and have higher power density, which enabled manufacturers to build many new electric vehicles. However, accumulator in EVs is still the most expensive part of electric powertrain and cells are very sensitive to operating conditions. Temperatures outside of their specific range can cause quicker loss of their capacity, lower power performance or even cause thermal runaway events that are almost inextinguishable - that’s why proper thermal management receives a lot of attention. This paper discloses important aspects of accumulators, that have to be considered during thermal design, reviews every current solution, their advantages and disadvantages, with examples of EVs that use them. Current trends and possible changes in near future are then disclosed, to create good knowledge base about current situation and trends on the market to make early phase of conceptual work easier.