13. Analysis of the properties of selected boiler catalyst carriers

Analiza właściwości wybranych nośników katalizatorów kotłowych
 Błażej Gaze, Bernard Knutel, Mateusz Jajczyk, Przemysław Bukowski, Leszek Romański
analysis, catalyst, carrier, boiler, combustion
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This article presents a comparative analysis of the properties of two boiler catalyst carriers made of two types of natural aluminosilicates. Both materials have been share by external companies, and daily are used for commercial purposes. In preparing the material for research, it was crushed, and then a grain size of 0.315-0.63 mm has been selected and dried in a laboratory dryer at 110℃ for 12 hours. Then, the water absorption of materials has been determined. The research also presents their porous structure by using the mercury porosimetry method. The manuscript also contains the results of measuring the content of individual elements (K, Na, Mg, Ca, P, Fe, Al, Zn, Cu, Ni, Cr, Ti, Si) in catalyst carriers made by the method of atomic emission spectrometry with induction plasma excitation conjugated (ICP-AES).