13. Impact of MV network reconfiguration with distributed generation on voltage values

Wpływ rekonfiguracji sieci SN z generacją rozproszoną na wartości napięcia
 Jakub Kaak, Zbigniew Kłosowski
photovoltaic farm, electricity quality, network reconfiguration
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Striving for the so-called climate neutrality, i.e. the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions resulting, inter alia, from the production of electricity, is now a great opportunity for the development of widely understood sources of distributed generation, such as wind farms or photovoltaic farms. These sources, however, are characterized by high variability and a work profile that is difficult to predict, which may adversely affect the power grid to which they are connected. The purpose of the research described in this article is to assess the impact of the reconfiguration of the MV network with distributed generation on the voltage values in its nodes. The article describes the course of research and the results of simulation tests for the real existing 15 kV distribution grid with different variants of generation units and loads.