11. The experience of the island states of Oceania in greener energy (implications for Kamchatka and Kuril Islands)

 Elnur Mekhdiev, Igbal Guliev, Feiruz Baratov
Oceania, green energy, Russian Far East, barriers, development, energy
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Oceania is one of the most controversial regions when speaking about energy. From one point of view, the countries of the region have adapted the promising policies and made significant steps toward green economy. From the other hand, they have no other option, but to accept this track. The Russian Far East meets the similar description – the dense population and far away settlements make the exploitation of the Single Russian Grid very difficult. The island territories, such as the Kurils, have their own isolated power grids. In this regard, the comparison of the two regions and the revelation of the possible experience adaptation is very important. The authors have conducted an analysis of barriers, which make the development of the greener energy in Oceania and on the Russian Far East difficult and pinpointed the general trends of the green energy development in Oceania. Based on these findings, the authors have developed recommendations on the future development of the Russian Far East green energy potential. The major findings include the proposed strategy for the Russian Far East and the proof that Oceania has nearly no opportunities for the further self-reliable green energy development. The novelty of the article comprises the systematization of information on energy market of Oceania, the forecast of the further development of the energy generation in the region and the description of the barriers for the green energy development in the researched regions.