12. What is the Distance between the Power Energy Sector of European Developing Countries and the World that is Aiming at the Information Society?

Jak daleko elektroenergetyka europejskich krajów rozwijających się jest od świata zmierzającego do społeczeństwa informacyjnego?
 Jerzy Stanisław Zieliński
Smart Grid, Consumer orientation, Renewable Energy Sources, Decarbonization, New Energy Market
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In the opening section of this paper the author reminds reasons for creating the idea of Smart Grid, and then presents new solutions that are implemented in the Electric Power sector in the countries that are aiming at development of Information Society They include Consumer orientation, development of Renewable Energy Sources, Decarbonization,, New measurement methods, a growing role of direct current and Microgrids, and the necessity of new energy market development. As a result of the comparisons it has been determined that different European developing countries are characterized by different levels of delay in terms of these new solutions, which will impact their economies.