14. Big Data application in power systems – brief overview of issues and proposals regarding the use of these data for prediction

Zastosowanie dużych zbiorów danych do systemów elektroenergetycznych – przegląd zagadnień oraz propozycje wykorzystania tych danych do predykcji
 Anna Kamińska-Chuchmała
Big Data, Power Systems, Smart Grid, Satellite Data, Prediction
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This study was designed to presents concise review of a novel subject regarding the use of large data sets (Big Data) which generates the functioning of the power system and their use to improve the operation and economic benefits of Smart Grids. Thanks to smart metering, we have current access to the data on the use of resources, which then using SCADA system and servers that support large data sets such as Apache Hadoop or Spark can be stored. Afterwards, these data are used for predictive calculations that are extremely important from an economic point of view. At the end of the paper, an interesting proposition of research is given by Author, namely to use, as ancillary information, the satellite data obtained from the Copernicus Programme provided by the European Space Agency ESA related for example with temperature to forecast energy consumption in electricity transmission and distribution networks.