14. Coal-water fuels combustion in fluidised bed

 Agnieszka Kijo-Kleczkowska, Henryk Otwinowski
coal-water fuels
Combustion technologies using coal–water fuels create a number of new possibilities for organising combustion processes so that they fulfil contemporary requirements (e.g., in terms of the environment protection-related issues). Therefore, an in-depth analysis is necessary for examining the technical applications of coal in the form of a suspension as a fuel. The paper undertakes the study of coal–water fuels combustion in air and in the fluidised bed. This, according to the authors, best simulates the conditions that should be satisfied in order to use the new ‘‘fuel’’ efficiently and ecologically. The mathematical model enables the prognosis for change of the surface and the centre temperatures and a mass loss of the coal–water suspension during combustion in air and in the fluidised bed.