14. Comparison of eddy dissipation concept and finite-rate/eddy dissipation models in case of coal gasification in a two-stage entrained flow gasifier and their relation to the experimental results

Porównanie modelu eddy dissipation concept z modelem finite-rate/eddy dissipation model pod kątem procesu zgazowania
 Jakub Mularski, Norbert Modliński, Halina Pawlak-Kruczek
CFD, entrained flow gasifier, coal gasification, air, Euler-Lagrange approach
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In this paper, a CFD tool – Ansys Fluent 17.2 was applied to obtain a 3-D operational model of a 200 td-1 pilotscale gasifier that was tested in Japan. The gasifier is an up-flow co-current reactor comprising combustor and reductor separated by a throat. For the modelling procedure, the Eulerian-Lagrangian method has been used. Euler approach describes the gas phase processes, whereas Lagrange describes the solid phase. The aim of this paper is at first to compare simulation results of two turbulence-chemistry interaction procedures available in Ansys Fluent and their impact on coal gasification and secondly to compare obtained results with the experiment.