14. Project of using an in-home display as a graphical user interface for a home area network

Projekt wykorzystania wyświetlacza domowego jako graficznego interfejsu użytkownika dla sieci domowej
 Krzysztof Billewicz, Marta R. Jabłońska
home area network, in-home display, energy management, smart home
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Currently, smart energy meters are being implemented in many countries. In some countries, consumers also have an in-home display (IHD), a device that facilitates energy management by presenting interesting information about energy consumption. In this article, the authors presented their own design of an advanced in-home display. Two-way communication with such a display is necessary for its proper operation so that it could be an interactive device. The authors wanted households to have only one device for managing energy in a comprehensive way, and not many, each of which would have reduced functionality.