13. Power load profile compression with the use of DCT and K-SVD method

Kompresja profili obciążeń elektroenergetycznych z wykorzystaniem metody DCT i K-SVD
 Marcin Drechny
power load profiles, compression, DCT, K-SVD, NN-K-SVD
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Replacement of classic inductive electricity meters with electronic meters (e.g. Smart type) enables remote reading of customer load profiles. Taking into account the European Union Directive, which says that 80% of meters should be replaced by electronic ones until 2020, one can expect a significant increase in the volume of data stored by Distribution System Operators (OSD). In connection with the above, one should consider whether or not to compress registered electrical power load profiles. The article discusses the topic of compression of electric power load profiles using the DCT and K-SVD (NN-K-SVD) methods.